How many dogs are walked at any one time? 
PCS believes dogs have more fun if they can play and interact with other dogs. Groups are carefully selected with breed, age, sex and personality in mind and can be discussed with the owner beforehand.

Are you insured?
Yes PCS is fully insured, this incudes key cover. 

Do I need to be home when you collect or drop off my dog?
No. most clients feel comfortable sharing a set of keys with PCS to enable us to collect and drop off you dog even if you are not home.

Do you take bitches in season?
No. its PCS policy never to take a bitch which is in season.

What sorts of dogs do you look after?
ALL OF THEM. Big ones, small ones, young ones, old ones… We look after and love them all

What do you do in case of emergency?
We first call you (the client) to discuss the situation and to sort out the best plan of action. If you cannot be reached and medical attention is required, we will take your pet to the vet designated by you or the nearest to our current location.

What security measures do you have?
Your key will be kept secure and away from personal information and no key can be identified to any property, in the event of your key being lost or stolen we will advise you, also your personal information will never be sold or discussed with any 3rd parties. 

Do you walk dogs off lead?
It depends on what you want- but generally yes! If your dog is a little rust on their recall then we can keep them on a long line and let them run and play in safety. We will only let your dog off the lead once we have written consent and its safe to do so.

How much do you charge?


1 Dog :1 Hour £10
2 Dogs from the same home: 1 Hour £15
Individual Dog Walk for 1 Dog: 1 Hour: £12
Puppy visits or Seniors visits:1 Hour £12/30 Min £9


Stirling, Falkirk Areas..........£20 Per Pet
Other areas please phone for a quote, Homes with multiple pets may be entitled to a discount.


Small animals.......................Prices Start from £5
Cat home visits.................................£10 Per Visit
Dogs in your own home...........................from £12
House sitting............................................From £5
Doggy day care (includes walks)................£18


From £10 per journey.

How do I pay?
If your paying weekly its cash only. If you pay monthly bank transfer is available but only for those who pay monthly.

Are you Police Checked?
Yes, Myself and All my staff have disclosures, I can provide you with a copy of the documentation when we meet. 

What if I need to cancel a walk?
Please text giving a minimum of 24 hours notice, otherwise the missed walk will we be charged at the full normal rate. If you wish to cancel a regular service, I require a minimum of four weeks’ notice.

Will you walk my dog in all weathers?
Yes, Regular exercise is vital for your dog’s wellbeing. For this reason I walk in all weathers, so you can be confident that your dog won’t miss its walk – rain, hail or shine (the only exception being extreme weather conditions which may present a risk to the safety of your dog). And when we’ve finished our walk, I’ll make sure its coat and paws are towelled down and that they have plenty of fresh water to drink!

Does my dog need to be fully vaccinated?
Yes, all dogs must be fully vaccinated (puppy home visits excepted).

My dog doesn’t always get on with other dogs. Does this mean you are unable to walk them?
No, if your dog is uncomfortable around other dogs, I also offer a solo dog walking service, where I will take your dog for a walk on its own.

Are you able to administer my dog’s medication?
Yes, I’m happy to administer medication for your dog.

Does my dog need to wear a collar and tag?
Yes, the Control of Dogs Order 1992 requires that most dogs wear a collar and a tag or disc showing the name and address of the owner.

Do you use treats?
I do use treats during a walk to reward good behavior, unless you request otherwise.

Will I meet my dog walker? 
A: Yes. We offer a free face-to-face consultation which gives us the opportunity to meet you and your dog and to find out more about your dog's personality and needs.

Do you only take care of dogs?
No we provide cat and small animal visits also.